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News Posted on May 12, 2010

‘New' King Hall to Feature High-Tech Digital Signage

It won't take long for visitors to the expanded and renovated King Hall to realize they've arrived in an aesthetically striking, functionally state-of-the-art structure.  Among the building's exciting new features will be digital signage, interactive information kiosks with touch-enabled LCD screens, and a digital Martin Luther King, Jr. exhibit featuring archival images and video on a 70-inch touchscreen.

Beginning with the official opening of the Law School building's new east wing this fall, visitors to King Hall will be able to take advantage of digital wayfaring signage that will greatly increase the ease with which they can find people and places.  Strategically placed around the building's main entry points will be a set of interactive information kiosks with 46-inch touch-enabled LCD screens. 

A visitor looking to find a particular professor's office, for example, will be able to pull up a list of King Hall faculty, touch the screen to select the faculty member, and see not only a map showing turn-by-turn directions for the quickest route to the professor's office, but also a picture of the faculty member and information on office hours, scholarly interests, publications, and more.  The information kiosks will also display information about the building, including facts about its history and information on special energy-saving features introduced during the expansion and renovation, as well as general information on the Law School.

There will also be a set of 46-inch LCD screens displaying information on events happening in the building, announcements, and Law School news.

The digital Martin Luther King, Jr. exhibit will include a timeline of important events in Dr. King's life, archival photos and clippings, video and audio clips of famous speeches, and more.  The exhibit, which will be visible to visitors entering the new wing's Mrak Avenue entrance, will be a museum-quality display of interesting and inspiring information on Dr. King, presented in an interactive digital format on a stunning 70-inch touch-enabled screen.

Construction of the Law School building's new east wing is entering its final weeks, with occupancy scheduled to begin in about one month, and the renovation set to begin immediately thereafter.  The Law School is still working to raise $2.6 million toward an overall campaign goal of $8 million in order to fully realize the potential of the renovation phase of the project.  Please consider making a gift to the King Hall Expansion and Renovation project today at

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