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News Posted on March 15, 2010

Wajahat Ali '07 Publishes Op-ed in Wall Street Journal

Wajahat Ali '07 has published an essay in The Wall Street Journal commenting on the recent arrest of individuals who allegedly plotted the murder of Swedish Cartoonist Lar Vilks, who was targeted for depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a stray dog. 

"This event speaks tellingly of how certain inflammatory images, which some non-Muslims may consider satire or benign parody, are intentionally provocative insults to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad," writes Ali.  The essay puts into perspective the reverence Muslims have for the Prophet Muhammad and the Qur'an, will still holding accountable those "misguided Muslims have responded to similar cartoons with cowardly and inexcusable acts of violence...."

Ali, a Pakistani-American who grew up in Fremont before attending UC Berkeley and then King Hall, has enjoyed a successful career as a writer, authoring an acclaimed play, Domestic Crusaders, and contributing essays and articles to publications including The Guardian of London and The Huffington Post

Wall Street Journal essay