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News Posted on March 9, 2010

King Hall’s Popularity Soars: Applications Rise Nearly 22 Percent

Applications to UC Davis School of Law in 2010 increased by a remarkable 21.6 percent compared to last year, with the Law School receiving its third-highest number of applications in school history.  King Hall received 4,036 applications, far surpassing the 3,318 received in 2009.  The Law School's increase was more than triple the national average increase of 6.1 percent. 

Law school applications tend to rise in periods of economic recession, explained Sharon L. Pinkney, the Law School's Assistant Dean for Admission and Enrollment, as some individuals seek a legal education rather than enter a difficult job market.  However, few law schools in the country experienced increases anywhere close to the level of King Hall's 21.6 percent rise. 

The UC Davis School of Law increase is especially impressive in comparison with the relatively small gains reported by other schools in the Far West region, said Pinkney.  "What we're hearing from our colleagues and seeing from the public data is that many schools in the Far West are experiencing only small, single-digit increases," said Pinkney.  "The surge in applications we've seen at UC Davis School of Law this year is truly extraordinary, and strongly suggests that the class we'll be admitting this fall will be academically outstanding as well as diverse."

"The increase in applications is a reflection of UC Davis School of Law's outstanding ranking and rapidly rising national and international profile," said Dean Kevin R. Johnson.  "It shows that the word is spreading about the excellence of our faculty, students, and staff, as well as the incredibly supportive and diverse community we have at King Hall.  The numbers we're seeing are also the product of the excellent outreach efforts by everyone at King Hall, in particular our Admissions Office and Department of Marketing and Public Relations."