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News Posted on March 8, 2010

Professor Simmons Publishes Op-ed on Campus Turmoil in Bee

Professor Daniel L. Simmons published an essay in the Viewpoints section of the Sacramento Bee commenting on the occurrence of "internal attacks that disrupt the fabric of reasoned and sensitive debate" at the University of California in recent weeks.  Referring to instances of vandalism on the UC Davis campus that are being investigated as hate crimes, incidents of racist behavior at UC San Diego, and angry protests that have occurred at several UC campuses, Professor Simmons condemns "the destructive behavior of individuals that seems to be snowballing across the campuses."

"In order for the academic enterprise to thrive, or even to survive, members of the community must adopt a manner of discourse, however passionate, that reflects civil behavior and sensitivity to the views and passions of others," writes Professor Simmons.  "Participants in the educational enterprise must be willing to learn from the divergent speech, viewpoints and cultures of others that is the hallmark of the University of California. Students, faculty, and staff must all be willing to grow by the accumulation of uncensored knowledge so that each of us can assess the difficult issues that we face in the cauldron of uncertainty that marks recent history. Nooses, vandalism, rocks, setting fires, do not spread knowledge; indeed, their intent is the opposite, to stop learning and restrain discovery."

Daniel L. Simmons is a UC Davis Professor of Law and a national expert on tax law, with an emphasis on corporate and partnership taxation.  He is also vice chairman of the UC Academic Senate.

"UC crisis demands respectful discourse"