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News Posted on February 8, 2010

Professor Amann Speaks on Gitmo Closure at Occidental College

Professor Diane Marie Amann gave a lecture entitle "Closing Guantánamo" for students in a course on "Obama and the Issues: The Challenge of Change" at Occidental College in Los Angeles.  The course is taught by Professors Caroline Heldman and Derek Shearer, a former U.S. Ambassador to Finland and a member of the CILC Global Council at the California International Law Center at King Hall (CILC), of which Professor Amann is Director.  Students in the course have been invited to blog about the lecture on the course website.

Diane Marie Amann is a Professor at the UC Davis School of Law.  Issues related to post-9/11 detention, interrogation, and prosecution are a focus of her scholarship, with articles published in Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and Columbia Journal of Transnational Law.

California International Law Center at King Hall

"Obama and the Issues" blog