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News Posted on February 8, 2010

Professor Elmendorf Comments on Election Law for NY Times

Professor Christopher Elmendorf commented on California election law for an article in the New York Times regarding a complaint filed with federal and state authorities by Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner alleging that a rival has engaged in "strong-arm tactics" in an attempt to bully him out of the race.

The charges stem from an email sent by an advisor working on behalf of GOP candidate Meg Whitman.  The message suggests that in order to avoid a costly primary battle between Poizner and Whitman that would leave the Republicans with "a damaged nominee," Poizner should leave the governor's race and run for the Senate in 2004 with Whitman's support.

Professor Elmendorf said it was unlikely that any law had been violated, especially since Poizner was offered support in a hypothetical run.  "I cannot see this as turning into a viable legal case of any form," said Professor Elmendorf.  "Poizner is trailing in the polls, and he is looking for something to rile people up."

New York Times article