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Extreme Wealth Tax Would Be a 'Boon,' Professor Shanske, Co-Authors Write in L.A. Times

News Posted on April 26, 2021

California’s tax system is “upside down at the top,” write Professor Darien Shanske and co-authors David Gamage and Emmanuel Saez in an April 22 Los Angeles Times op-ed.  “Millionaires pay higher rates than billionaires.”

A pair of bills that the state Legislature now is considering would levy a 1% tax on extreme wealth. Such a tax would be “a small burden for such a household but a big boon to California,” the op-ed states. Read the op-ed.

Darien Shanske is a professor of law at UC Davis. His academic interests include taxation, particularly state and local taxation, local government law, public finance, and political theory, particularly jurisprudence.