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Immigration Attorney Spojmie Nasari - Afghanistan Evacuees Discussion

Tuesday October 26, 2021

King Hall, Room 1001 - guest can zoom in
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


"The harrowing Journey from Afghanistan to the United States: The U.S. Resettlement Process and Immigration Legal Pathway for Afghans Lucky Enough to Escape"

Immigration attorney Spojmie Nasiri will discuss the immigration implications of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and provide insights into how the newly arriving Afghan immigrants will settle in cities across the United States. Mrs. Nasiri will provide historical background to the War on Terror in Afghanistan and discuss the U.S. government evacuation of thousands of Americans and Afghans from The Kabul Airport. At this time, thousands of Afghans in various stages of applying for immigrant visas, refugee status, or humanitarian protection have been flown to six countries for the initial vetting process and thousands have arrived at eight U.S. Bases in the United States. Mrs. Nasiri will discuss what the immigation process will be for the newly arrived Afghan immigrants and how they will be screened and vetted before being released into the public. In addition, Mrs. Nasiri will discuss how long the Afghan immigrants remain in other countries and the U.S. bases and how they will continue to process their immigration cases. Join us for a discussion with Spojmie Nasiri to discuss what we know, what we don’t yet know, and what will be needed for the next phase of life for those Afghan allies who helped the United States government. 


Discussion will include:

- Timeline of the evacuations in Kabul Afghanistan of U.S. Allies and civilians

- Holding sites of Afghan evacuees around the world and the military bases in the East Coast

- Where in the United States are the Afghans heading and the role important role of -  resettlement agencies

- Legal Immigration options for Afghans including SIV, P1, P2, P3, asylum and humanitarian parole for those still in Afghanistan.

- How attorneys and law students can provide legal representation to Afghans arriving in cities across the U.S., including the Bay Area. 


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