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CEPLC presents Ken Alex

Tuesday, March 28

King Hall, Room 1002
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

“The Other 1%: As The Source of 1% of Global GHG Emissions, Should We Care What California Does?”

Ken Alex
Director, Governor’s Office of Planning & Research

While California is a leader in responding to climate change, does it matter? California has ambitious GHG reduction requirements how they impact climate action around the world. California is a leader of the Under2Coalition, a group of over 165 jurisdictions around the world representing over 1/3 of the world economy that seeks faster and further action to reduce emissions and build climate resilience internationally. How will the new presidential administration impact California’s leadership on emissions?

Ken Alex is the Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning & Research, and serves as Senior Policy Advisor to Governor Jerry Brown and the Chair of the Strategic Growth Council. As the longest tenured OPR Director, Ken Has led a broad effort to modernize land use planning throughout the state. Before joining the Governor’s Office, Ken was the Assistant Attorney General heading the environment section of the California Attorney General’s Office, and the co-head of the Office’s global warming unit. From 2000 to 2006, Ken led the energy task forced investigating price and supply issues related to California’s energy crisis. California lawyer named Ken an “Attorney of the Year” in 2004 for his work in energy law, and he received the ABA award for Distinguished Achievement in Environmental Law & Policy in 2007 for global warming work. Ken is a graduate of Harvard Law School and holds a B.A. in political theory from UC Santa Cruz.

Lunch Provided

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