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Confronting Child Labor in Global Agricultural Supply Chains

Friday, April 4

Kalmanovitz Appellate Courtroom, King Hall room 1001
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The problem of harmful child labor in agriculture persists despite international treaties and efforts to end it. Poverty, limited education, poor agricultural technology, and other factors such as the insufficient capacity for labor monitoring in remote rural areas make it difficult to effectively address and eliminate the worst forms of child labor. The problem exists within various agriculture sectors across continents, from the cotton farms in Uzbekistan, to cocoa farms in West Africa, to the tea plantations in Rwanda and Kenya and palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia. 

This conference will identify contemporary practices to confront the worst forms of child labor in agriculture from bolstering community education, to combating poverty and implementing practical and sustainable monitoring systems. Seeking to correct the dearth of legal and policy scholarship on this major international human rights issue, this symposium will bring together an interdisciplinary group of global experts-from academia, governments, NGOs, inter-governmental organizations and businesses-to identify current challenges and chart a more innovative path forward in the global undertaking to eliminate the worst forms of child labor in agriculture.

Sponsored by:

California International Law Center
UC Davis Journal of International Law & Policy
UC Davis School of Law

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