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Celebrating King Hall - Featuring the Distinguished Teaching Award

Thursday, March 13

ARC Ballroom, UC Davis Campus
6:00 PM

Dean Kevin R. Johnson cordially invites you to Celebrating King Hall.

The event will feature this year's Distinguished Teaching Award recipient Professor Edward J. Imwinkelried, recognize scholarship recipients, and honor other outstanding achievements.

We hope you will be able to join us for an exciting evening of food, drink, and music to celebrate the best of the King Hall Community.

Kindly RSVP HERE by Tuesday, March 4, 2014. 

About the Distinguished Teaching Award recipient: Professor Imwinkelried is the Edward J. Barrett, Jr. Professor of Law at UC Davis School of Law. At King Hall, Professor Imwinkelried teaches Contracts, Trial Practice and Scientific Evidence. He is among the nation's most respected evidence scholars and frequently is called upon as a consultant or expert witness in high-profile trials. Professor Imwinkelried is known as a passionate lecturer and dedicated teacher who memorizes his students' names before each semester begins and is never too busy to meet with students. With this year's award, he becomes the only member of the UC Davis School of Law faculty to have been honored three times with the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Past recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Award include:

1980    James E. Hogan
1981    Daniel J. Dykstra
1982    Daniel W. Fessler
1983    Richard C. Wydick
1984    Jean C. Love
1985    Friedrich K. Juenger
1986    Floyd F. Feeney
1987    Bruce A. Wolk
1988    Robert W. Hillman
1989    Edward J. Imwinkelried
1990    Edward H. Rabin
1991    Margaret Z. Johns
1992    Rex R. Perschbacher
1993    Kevin R. Johnson
1994    Joel C. Dobris
1995    Alan E. Brownstein
1996    Harrison C. Dunning
1997    Martha S. West
1998    Florian Bartosic
1999    John D. Ayer
2000    Diane Marie Amann
2001    James F. Smith
2002    Debra Lyn Bassett
2003    James E. Hogan
2004    John W. Poulos
2005    Millard A. Murphy
2006    Edward J. Imwinkelried
2007    Donna Shestowsky
2008    Floyd F. Feeney
2009    Jennifer M. Chacon
2010    Amagda Pérez
2011    Clayton Tanaka
2012    Evelyn Lewis
2013    Leticia Saucedo

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