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CSIS presents Venture Capital in the U.S. National Innovation System

Tuesday, January 22

UC Davis Campus, Social Sciences and Humanities room 1246
12:15 PM – 2:00 PM

Venture Capital in the U.S. National Innovation System - A talk by Dr. Martin Kenney, UC Davis Professor of Human and Community Development.

Venture capital (VC) is a relatively recent addition to the US national system of innovation (NSI). Tracing the history of the VC industry in the US provides an interesting example of how NSIs can add new institutions, and, in the process, be transformed. The history encompasses important exogenous events, endogenous developments, and actions by individual actors. The story of the development of VC is set in the technological trajectories where it has experienced its greatest success, the information, communications, and biomedical industries. The emergence of VC is intimately related to various government actions, and yet the paper does not find government actors as critical to the formation of this new group of financial intermediaries. Further, we show that, while VC can be considered a national mechanism for funding innovations, its impacts have been confined to only a few regions. 

For more about Dr. Kenney, click here.

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