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Our staff assists the School of Law community with communication services for both external and internal audiences.


  • Web site content
  • Promotions and advertisements
  • Electronic and print publications
  • Custom mailings


  • Writing and editing
  • Bullet point speaking points
  • Advertising mediums such as radio, TV, and newsprint

Events Services

Our talented Events and Communications staff can provide assistance with your entire event planning needs, which include everything to produce an event from consultation, on-site logistics, and public relations, as well as marketing and communication. Additional services may include assistance with entertainment booking, design and décor, lighting, valet parking, audio-visual recommendations, tenting, and transportation to name just a few.

Communication with your audience is a key component of successful events and we can offer assistance with personalized mailings, email distribution, Web site updates, publications in varied formats, as well as advertising of all types - radio, TV, and newsprint.

We look forward to the opportunity in assisting our clients with the support necessary to ensure a well-planned, successful and memorable event.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in event planning and communication, our goal is to project the standards, integrity, and image of our School in all that we do.

For assistance with your next event, please contact us at 530-754-5328.

Publications & Public Relations Services

The focus of Publications and Public Relations is to oversee the development of all communications that are related to the promotion of the School of Law to ensure all materials appropriately and effectively communicate the school's programs, news, and events. Toward that end, the department manages and coordinates projects to produce professional, timely, accurate, and cost-effective results and provides editorial services.

Services for Faculty, Students and Staff

  • Production management for promotional print and electronic communications
  • Guidelines for image and branding of School of Law
  • Guidelines for appropriate use of School of Law trademarks
  • Digital files for School of Law seals, logotype and photos
  • Editing for language, tone and appearance of promotional materials and advertisements
  • News items for web news pages and press releases