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International Commercial Law LL.M. Program Information

Welcome to the UC Davis School of Law!

The School of Law at UC Davis is one of the world's leading law schools. We are proud of our history of outstanding scholarship, teaching and real-world impact. Faculty, fellow students and staff are accessible, engaged and committed to your education, and our alumni form a strong, lifelong global network.

The innovative summer International Commercial Law the only part-time LL.M. program for foreign and domestic lawyers, business people, and legal professionals offered in the U.S. with this specific focus. It is designed so that busy professionals can earn a master’s degree by spending two to five consecutive summers in intense study, while continuing their legal work for the remainder of the year.

The Summer LL.M. in International Commercial Law is not accepting applications for the summer 2019 cohort. Please contact our offices at for more information.

This program first examines the fundamentals of the U.S. legal system with a special emphasis on business and trade law. Participants then undertake specialized courses with an international perspective, such as intellectual property, business associations, antitrust, tax, securities, finance and comparative law. Examining the U.S. legal system in depth provides participants with a model both for comparative legal analysis and for understanding a legal system that is considered to be highly responsive to the globalized marketplace. With these foundations, participants have access to several core courses. They can study global trading systems and the dynamic financial and economic forces driving economic internationalization and trade liberalization. To apply their knowledge, participants may choose to learn how to negotiate, structure and draft an international joint venture. Participants also may consider the effectiveness of various dispute resolution systems, including litigation, arbitration and mediation.

The International Commercial Law LL.M. program is exceptional in combining both theory and practice, resulting in a very well-rounded curriculum. Participants visit a variety of legal institutions to reinforce their classroom experience. Finally, participants engage in a series of simulations based on real-life legal and business case studies that allow them to apply their knowledge.

Professionals in the International Commercial Law LL.M. program become part of an extraordinary, lasting cultural and social network. Participants also experience the challenge of engaging in effective cross-cultural communication, which typifies the heart of international commercial transactions.

For the last 30 years, the UC Davis School of Law has offered summer law programs in the U.S. legal system and international trade law to more than 3,000 legal professionals from more than 50 countries. The demand for and success of these summer programs indicates a tremendous need for legal practitioners to increase their knowledge and skills in representing clients effectively in an international commercial environment.

All International Commercial Law LL.M. students are invited to take advantage of our pre-LL.M. program, English for Legal Professionals.

English for Legal Professionals

Designed for practicing lawyers and law students, this program provides focused practice in learning legal terminology in English. This is an outstanding preliminary course for those continuing on to the Orientation in U.S.A. Law program.

Meet our International Commercial Law LL.M. Students

Hear what International Commercial Law LL.M. students love about UC Davis and our innovative program:

Student Testimonial: Malgorzata, LL.M. Candidate (Poland)

Legal area of interest: international commercial law

Financing International Transactions has been Malgorzata’s favorite course. “For the first time in my life,” she says, “I really understand what it’s about. I learned about it in law school and then worked with it in a law firm, but I have never understood it as well as I did last summer. The professors were really great.” In this video, Malgorzata discusses her experience as a part-time summer LL.M. student at University of California, Davis School of Law.

Student Testimonial: Mohamed, LL.M. Candidate (Egypt)

Legal area of interest: international commercial law

Mohamed enjoys the program's flexible schedule. “I recommend the International Commercial Law program for all people who work,” he says. "It's here that you have the chance to study in summer, and at the same time ... you can balance between enjoying and studying." In this video, Mohamed discusses his experience as a part-time summer LL.M. student at University of California, Davis School of Law.