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California Bill Proposes Decertification Process for Law Enforcement Officers

Posted Apr 21, 2021

California Senate Bill 2, authored by state Senator Steven Bradford, proposes empowering the state Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training to license police officers and to investigate and decertify officers convicted of a serious crime or fired for misconduct. The bill would also make it easier to sue such officers for monetary damages and would empower the Commission to make public all records related to decertification proceedings. Critics of the bill, which include state police officer and sheriff organizations, contend that current structures for oversight of law enforcement officers are sufficient and that the proposal lacks due process. At present, California is one of only four states (including Hawaii, New Jersey, and Rhode Island) with no official process to decertify police officers. Senate Bill 2 is the most high-profile of several current legislative efforts to implement police reforms in California. See AP NewsCourthouse NewsLos Angeles Times