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California Bench Continues to Grow More Diverse

Posted Mar 12, 2021

The Judicial Council of California surveyed judicial officers in December 2020 and found that the bench has grown more diverse. In its 15th year, the report shows an increase in women judges to 37.6% and an increase in racial and ethnic diversity since 2006. The number of Asian, Black, and Hispanic judges have nearly doubled in the last fourteen years. In his first two years, Governor Gavin Newsom has appointed 78 judges; half were women and more than half identified themselves as Asian, Black, or African-American, Hispanic, or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. Governor Newsom also recently appointed Justice Martin Jenkins to the California Supreme Court; Justice Jenkins is the court’s first openly gay justice and the third African-American man ever to serve on the state’s highest court. See California Courts NewsroomCalMatters.