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Governor Brown Signs Bills Limiting Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults

Posted Oct 3, 2018

On September 30, Governor Jerry Brown signed a pair of measures that limit transfer of juveniles to adult courts for criminal prosecution. SB439 establishes age 12 as the minimum age for prosecution in a juvenile court unless charged with murder or rape. SB1391 removes the ability to try a minor under the age of 16 as an adult, where prior law allowed it from age 14. See Chronicle of Social Change, CBS

Bill Reshaping 9th Circuit Passes Committee

Posted Oct 3, 2018

A bill to reorganize the 9th Circuit, HR6754, has been approved by the House Judiciary Committee two days after it was introduced. Per the bill, the new 9th Circuit would consist of four divisions, crossing state lines and dividing California into two different divisions. The Chief Justice for the 9th Circuit has penned a letter to the leadership of the House Judiciary Committee urging Congress to delay the bill until the matter has been investigated and the Circuit has a chance to comment. See Bob Goodlatte, ABA Journal

Verizon Throttled Fire Department’s “Unlimited” Data During California Fires

Posted Sep 6, 2018

While fighting the Mendocino Complex Fire, County Fire discovered that their data rates had been slowed to dial-up speeds by Verizon. The cap wasn’t lifted until the Fire Department paid for a more expensive plan. In an amicus brief to an existing lawsuit seeking rollback of FCC net neutrality rules, Santa Clara County Fire Chief Bowden confirmed Verizon’s actions. See Snopes, Santa Clara University