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FCC Proposes New Rule to Unmask Threatening Phone Calls

Posted Jul 24, 2017

Following a rash of threatening calls to Jewish community centers in eleven states, the FCC has proposed a new rule  allowing law enforcement to acquire identifying information from carriers quickly. This would be a change from regulations which require a caller’s privacy to be respected if they opt to block caller-ID. For more information, see Reuters, Law 360 (Lexis subscription required).

Are Grandparents Close Family for Travel Ban Purposes? So Far, They Are

Posted Jul 24, 2017

In June, The Supreme Court had agreed to hear an appeal over the travel ban and allowed the ban to be partially reinstated, except for travelers with “close family” already in the U.S. But after the US State Department issued a clarification denying that status to grandparents, grandchildren, and other extended family members, a Ninth Circuit judge ruled in opposition. The US Supreme Court has agreed , at least until the appeal is heard.  For more information, see: NBC News, NPR.

O.J. Simpson To Be Released on Parole

Posted Jul 24, 2017

As early as October 1, O.J. Simpson will be released  from Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center. During his hearing, Simpson apologized for the 2007 armed robbery for which he was convicted and sentenced to thirty three years in prison. Simpson will have served nine years. He is expected to settle in Florida where he owns property and his children live. Florida law provides that neither his real property nor his NFL pension of $25,000 per month can be levied against by creditors, such as the Goldman family, who won a wrongful death suit against Simpson.  For more information, see: New York Times, CNN.