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Net Neutrality and the FCC

Posted Feb 5, 2018

The FCC has announced a repeal of the regulations sustaining net neutrality in the United States, amid much protest, including lawsuits from 20 states opposing the repeal and individual states decreeing net neutrality laws within state lines. Why is net neutrality so important? Burger King’s latest commercial sets it out, showing $25 Whoppers going quickly to a short line, while the same product goes sloooowly to a long line of less elite customers paying the normal price. See, ACLU

Immigrants Reporting Fewer Crimes Since Presidential Immigration Stance

Posted Feb 5, 2018

Since the U.S. Government has increased focus on undocumented immigrants, Latinos are less willing to report crime. Crime reporting in immigrant neighborhoods of three major cities: Los Angeles, Dallas and Philadelphia, has dropped since 2016. The Los Angeles City Council is requesting a report on the topic from the LAPD. The Police Chief of a fourth city, Salt Lake, also finds less crime reported from Latino areas and suspects it arises from fear of deportation. See Newsweek, NPR


Posted Feb 5, 2018

Supporters of the idea that California is ungovernable have proposed a second state, New California, and recently announced their Declaration of Independence. All revolutionary talk aside, the group plans to divide the state under the U.S. Constitution. Although unpopular, some argue that creating New California from rural counties would benefit its citizens by providing a fairer apportionment of representation in the U.S. Senate. See