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California Climate Change Law Passed by Legislature

Posted Aug 26, 2016

The California Legislature passed the “California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: emissions limit” (SB 32) which extends California’s 2006 anti-global warming act to 2030.   It also sets a new target to lower emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.  The bill is now on its way to Governor Brown who has already indicated that he would sign it and issued this statement, which reads in part, “Yesterday, big oil bought a full page ad in the capital city’s newspaper of record to halt action on climate.  Today, the Assembly Speaker, most Democrats and one brave Republican passed SB 32, rejecting the brazen deception of the oil lobby and their Trump-inspired allies who deny science and fight every reasonable effort to curb global warming.”  Read articles in the Los Angeles Times and Sacramento Bee.

California Supreme Court Allows Teacher Tenure Law to Stand

Posted Aug 26, 2016

In a major win for teachers unions, the California Supreme Court decided not to review a lower court ruling that upheld tenure and other job protections for teachers.  The lower court ruling reversed a 2014 Los Angeles Superior Court judgment  that declared California’s teacher tenure and dismissal laws unconstitutional.  Read articles in SFGate and the Los Angeles Times.

California Gold-Dredging Ban Upheld

Posted Aug 26, 2016

The California Supreme Court upheld a temporary ban on a controversial method of gold mining called “suction dredging” that uses machines to suck up gravel and sand from streams and river bottoms to search for gold.  Environmentalists fear that this method threatens cultural resources and wildlife.   Judge Werdegar wrote, “We consider here a conflict arising from the competing desires to exploit and to preserve these various resources.  The people assert the state may, in pursuit of protecting fish habitats and the quality of the state’s waterways, temporarily ban a particular method of gold mining pending adoption of suitable regulations.”   Read articles in Courthouse News Service and SFGate.