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California July 2021 Bar Exam Pass Rate Released

Posted Nov 17, 2021

The pass rate for the July 2021 California bar exam was 53%, down 8% from October 2020. A total of 7,931 applicants sat for the July exam and 7,742 of those took the test remotely. Around a third of test-takers experienced technical issues during the exam and were granted a scoring adjustment, a refund of their exam fees, or the opportunity to sit for a later exam at no cost. See ReutersBloomberg Law

State Bar of California May Permit Nonlawyers to Provide Legal Advice

Posted Nov 17, 2021

The State Bar of California's California Paraprofessional Program Working Group has submitted a plan  that would permit legal paraprofessionals to provide legal advice, represent clients in court in certain situations, and conduct other business typically handled by attorneys. Paraprofessionals would need to meet specific educational, training, and other requirements, and would be able to work only in certain practice areas or geographic regions. The goal of the proposal is to address a gap in legal service needs for many Californians, such as those who do not qualify for legal aid but are otherwise unable to afford attorneys' fees. Similar programs exist in Washington state, Utah, and Arizona. See ABA Journal.

California Appeals Court Ends Lawsuit Over State's Assisted Death Law

Posted Nov 17, 2021

The 4th Appellate District Court of Appeal in California has ended a lawsuit, first brought in 2018, that had temporarily suspended California's medical aid-in-dying law. The law permits adults Californians to obtain prescriptions for life-ending medication. The original lawsuit claimed that state legislators had passed the law unconstitutionally in 2016 during a special session. The law had been set to sunset in 2026, but the recent passage of SB 380 reauthorized, revised, and extended the law until 2031, effectively rendering the lawsuit moot. California is one of 10 states that currently allow medical aid-in-dying. See AP News.