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Bloomberg BNA License Summary

Authorized users:

UC Davis Law School "full-time and part time, current, or visiting members of the faculty, library staff and currently enrolled students, who are permitted to access the customer's secure computer network system ("Network"), regardless of physical location of such person(s). Authorized Users shall also include other persons, e.g., walk-ins, who are permitted to use the Customer's library and access the Network from computer terminals located on the library premises."

Downloading, copying and printing restrictions:

Authorized users may download small portions for individual or personal reference. Authorized users may not:

  • Download, copy or print large quantities of BNA content for the purposes of creating a personal or commercial database.
  • Copy or download entire BNA newsletters, reports, journals, treatises, portfolios, or guides.
  • Use licensed BNA content for commercial purposes.

Copyright compliance:

All authorized users must comply with BNA's Copyright and Usage Guidelines found at and also comply with all U.S. Copyright laws. Authorized users may download specific articles as needed for a research paper, law review, clinics, course work and other law-school-related activities.

Limited right to share and re-distribute:

Authorized users may not reproduce, re-distribute, forward or otherwise share BNA licensed content with non-UC Davis law school individuals, although limited (non-systematic) distribution is permitted for students working in groups or teams such as providing legal services for law school clinics, working on law reviews and other law school related activities, research, programs or course-work.

Lexis & Westlaw access:

Authorized users may access the databases listed on this page through the following platforms: BNA Direct, Westlaw®, and LexisNexisTM.

Interlibrary Loan:

Mabie Law Library staff may fulfill interlibrary loan requests for BNA publications but must do so in compliance with Section 108 of the United States Copyright Law (17 USC §108, "Limitations on exclusive rights: Reproduction by libraries and archives") and clause 3 of the Guidelines for the Proviso of Subsection 108(g)(2) prepared by the National Commission on New Technological Uses of Copyright Works. Library staff should provide the copy in print form and not electronically.