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IT Help Desk

Phone: 530-752-6678
Office: King Hall 1270

Steven Schwarz

Director of Information Technology and CIO

Phone: 530-752-4511
Office: King Hall 1270C

Jason Aller

Web Application Developer

Phone: 530-754-7344
Office: King Hall 1270F

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Ok, that didn't work. How about if we try:

"use strict";
var biography = [],
    i = 0;
biography[i++] = 'Jason keeps trying to make the process of working with technology easier for others.';
biography[i++] = 'He admires the work done by the Internet Archive, ';
biography[i++] = 'Carl Malamud,  ';
biography[i++] = 'and others that are working to make things better.';
return biography.join(' ');

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Edward Henn

Database Developer

Phone: 530-752-6675
Office: King Hall 1270F

Ed received his Computer Science degree in 1993 and worked previously in IT for the City of Davis and Sacramento County Courts. Raised in Davis, he is happy to work and live close to friends and family.

Mark Hoffman

Desktop Services & Support

Phone: 530-752-7569
Office: King Hall 0105

Mark graduated from Antioch College and has worked in Information Technology since 1994; at UC Davis Law School since 2001. He enjoys working with both people and technology, and is committed to smoothly bridging the gap that people often feel exists between the two. He is a dedicated bike commuter (with full foul-weather gear) and his family includes two lovely and talented college age daughters.

David Holtmann

System and Network Administrator

Phone: 530-752-6678
Office: King Hall 1270D

David Holtmann graduated from UC Berkeley and worked at UCSF before transferring to UC Davis in 2006. He recently moved to Woodland with his wife, and together they are learning how to fix up their new home.

Mikey Kim

Phone: 530-752-6678
Office: King Hall 1270