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Leslie A. Kurtz

Professor of Law


B.A. Political Science, Brown University 1967

M.A. Theater, New York University 1970

J.D. Columbia University 1974


Before entering law school, Leslie Kurtz worked in New York as an actress and an assistant editor for a publishing house. "A few years after graduating from law school, I decided to merge my interests in law, theater and art and became a litigator in a New York firm specializing in entertainment law," she said. "My practice included copyright, trademark and unfair competition."

All three areas fall under the general heading of "intellectual property," a field that has changed and grown rapidly in this era of high technology and exploding information. "The field presents many intellectual challenges--new ideas to explore and develop," Kurtz said.

Subject Areas

Intellectual Property (Including International Intellectual Property), Torts, Copyrights, Mass Media

Selected Career Highlights

  • Author of "The Independent Legal Lives of Fictional Characters," 1986 Wisc. L. Rev. 429, 1986
  • Copyright and the National Information Infrastructure in the United States, 3 Eur. Int. Prop. Rev. 120 (1996)