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Photo of James E. Hogan

James E. Hogan

James E. Hogan

Professor of Law Emeritus


A.B., Loyola University of Chicago 1953

J.D., Georgetown University 1956


Professor James E. Hogan, a founding member of the King Hall faculty and a nationally recognized expert in the fields of Criminal Procedure and Evidence, died on December 31, 2013 in Davis following a long illness.  He was 83 years old.  Read his obituary here.

Selected Publications

California Evidentiary Foundations, (Michie Co. 2d Ed. 1994) (with E. Imwinkelried & R. Wydick).

California Evidentiary Foundations, (Michie Co. 1988) (with E. Imwinkelried & R. Wydick).

California Civil Discovery - 2 vols., (Bancroft-Whitney 1996) (with G. Weber).

Modern California Discovery 4th - Civil and Criminal - 3 vols., (Bancroft-Whitney 1988).

Modern California Discovery 3d - Civil and Criminal - 3 vols., (Bancroft-Whitney 1981).

Selected Topics in Criminal Evidence, California CEB Summer Program (1975-1977) (120-page Syllabus).

Cases & Materials on the Law of CRIMES*

Cases & Materials on CIVIL PROCEDURE (California & Federal)*

Cases & Materials on EVIDENCE (California & Federal)*

Cases & Materials on PRODUCTS LIABILITY*, *(Course materials are privately published in looseleaf form and revised and updated annually.)

California's Unique Doe Defendant Practice: A Fiction Stranger than Truth, 30 Stan. L. Rev. 51 (1977).

The McNabb-Mallory Rule: Its Rise, Rationale & Rescue, 47 Geo. L. Rev. 1 (1958) (with J. Snee).

Wiretapping: From Nardone to Benanti and Rathbun, 46 Geo. L. Rev. 418 (1958) (with E. Bradley).

Crimes Outline, BAR/BRI Bar Review