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George S. Grossman

Professor of Law Emeritus


B.A. International Relations, University of Chicago 1960

LL.B., Stanford University 1966

M.S.L.S., Brigham Young University 1971


"Now is the most interesting time to be in the information business since Gutenberg invented movable type," says Grossman, professor of law and director of the law library. Grossman faces the twin challenges of applying new technology to library operations at a time of financial stringency. "Actually, the two are complementary. We must look to technology not only to enhance the library, but also to reduce costs and increase inter-library resource sharing," says Grossman. Grossman also teaches American Legal History, the topic of his 1999 book, which has been recommended as summer reading for students about to start law school.

Subject Areas

Legal Research, Legal History, American Legal History

Selected Career Highlights

  • Director of law libraries at University of Utah, University of Minnesota, and Northwestern University, before coming to UC Davis.

Selected Publications

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