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You need to consider what your own goals are in enrolling in an externship as each opportunity covers different substantive areas of the law and will offer different opportunities for skill development. In general, however, there are a number of goals that are common to all externship/clinical programs. These programs at King Hall complement the course work that constitutes the majority of your educational experience.

Through direct work on pending matters, you can gain a deeper understanding of the substantive law, develop skills, gain insights into the operation of our society's institutions, appreciate how and when you can be an advocate for change and generally develop a sense of what career path you would like to follow.

  • The school has developed specific purposes for the inclusion of the externship/clinical programs within the law school curriculum. These include, but are not limited to the following:
  • To provide the skills training for which law schools are lacking by both observation and doing the real thing.
  • To provide training in specialized areas of the law not covered by the curriculum but of interest to the student.
  • To emphasize the issues of legal ethics and professional responsibility by real life confrontation with them.
  • To add the law-in-action dimension more proximately to related in-class training so as to get the maximum educational benefit from both.
  • To bring to the student's still critical state of mind to bear upon the day-to-day issues of the legal process unhindered by the competing interest of maintaining the on-going relationships of permanent employment.
  • To combat the educational doldrums which beset some students in their second and third years and keep enthusiasm for the practice of law alive.
  • To aid career development plans through the work experience and contacts gained in the clinical.
  • To aid clients (generally low-income) by adding the ability and enthusiasm of our students to the better resolution of problems.
  • To aid practitioners and law-related offices by exposure to the fresh ideas from our students.
  • To provide useful additional stateside and national exposure to King Hall.