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New Placement Approval

Proposed Supervisor
Your Organization
Other Contacts

Please give us the name and contact information for any other persons affiliated with the placement site who will supervise or coordinate legal externs.

Description of Placement

Please briefly describe the nature of your organization’s work:

Please describe the workspace environment and research tools available to student externs (e.g. office, cubicle, computer, online/book resources, other support resources, etc.)

To which legal skills and areas of substantive law will the student be exposed?

Please describe the extern’s proposed duties/responsibilities.

Please describe how the extern will be supervised.

Is the supervisor willing to provide regular feedback to the student, and submit mid- and end-of-semester evaluations regarding the student’s performance (an evaluation form will be provided by the law school)?

Do you require externs to be eligible certified law students (see certification regulations and permitted activities)?

Will externs be required to undergo and clear a background check to be eligible for work?

Check the basis on which you are seeking approval as an externship site:

If intermittent or ongoing, check which semester(s) positions are likely to be available:

Preferred extern time commitment (our enrollment allows for part-time placements of 8-24 hours/week or full-time placements of 40 hours/week. Please note that full-time placements are limited to Judicial, Criminal, or Legislative externships). 

Would you like us to post this externship placement in our jobs database? (If yes, we will advertise this position for the upcoming semester. Please contact us if/when you would like the posting removed).

If yes, please fill out the following fields (all optional):