Criminal Trials: Theory and Practice

Lecture/Discussion/Laboratory - 3 hours.  This course examines the trial process - its formal design and how adhering to the formal design is more difficult in the current environment. The class uses both assigned reading and classroom discussion with current practitioners to engage in a critical analysis of modern day criminal practice. This is not a traditional trial advocacy course although students will practice trial skills in order to gain a deeper understanding of system limitations. The course concludes with a mock jury selection and abbreviated trial. Each enrolled student will be required to identify two volunteers (non-law students) who will be willing to serve as mock jurors in a 3-hr exercise. 

Graduation Requirements: Counts towards Professional Skills Requirement.
Final Assessment: Other – Students will submit a final trial binder detailing the particulars of their mock jury selection and abbreviated trial. They will also submit a final paper reflecting on their trial design and its effectiveness.
Grading Mode: Letter Grading.
Classroom Policies: This course has a participation policy.
Classroom Policies: This course has a no-laptop policy.
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