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Welcome to the Tribal Justice Project at the UC Davis School of Law. The Tribal Justice Project is a collaborative effort with California tribal judges, lawyers, and leaders that seeks to enhance the capacity and sovereignty of tribes in California by providing culturally appropriate training for tribal judges and court personnel and establishing an intertribal appellate court at the law school.

By targeting the needs of tribes in California and other Public Law 280 states, the Project,  the first of its kind, fills a critical educational gap. In contrast to most other states, California and five other states are governed by Public Law 280, a federal law that allows the state to assume concurrent jurisdiction in certain criminal and civil matters over Indians on certain tribal lands. Historically this law has created significant challenges for tribes in California and other Public Law 280 states that wish to establish their own tribal courts.  Training will be provided in areas accessible to tribes throughout the state and at King Hall to assist tribes in overcoming the challenges Public Law 280 imposes.