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Event Recordings

Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Spring 2019

1/29/19 - "The Relationship Between the 'Me Too' Movement, the Media, and Women in Employment," with Martha West

2/19/19 - Day of Remembrance for Japanese Internment During WWII, with Joshua Kaizuka and Congresswoman Doris Matsui

2/26/19 - "UC Immigrant Legal Services: A Model for Public Universities," with Maria Blanco

3/5/19 - "Law and the Making of American Imperialism," with Nina Farnia (video available on law school intranet)

3/19/19 - "Empirically Investigating the Source of the Repeat Player Effect in Consumer Arbitration," with Andrea Chandrasekher

4/2/19 - "Civil Rights and the FDR Administration," with Eric Rauchway

4/9/19 - "A Review of Native American Identity in California," with Chief Judge Christine Williams

4/16/19 - "A Conversation Between the Framptons: From the Streets of East Harlem to the Halls of the Supreme Court, A Reflection on the Struggle for Gender and Reproductive Justice," with Mary Louise Frampton and George T. Frampton Jr.


Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Fall 2018

9/4/18 - "Decolonizing Federal Indian Law," with Victorio Shaw

9/11/18 - "CA's Affordable Housing Crisis & Homelessness: A Local Perspective," with Enrique Fernandez

9/18/18 - "Immigration Policy and Human Rights in the Trump Era," with Sasha Abramsky

9/25/18 - "Doctrine at the Gate: Religion, Race, Class, and Gender in Catholic Hospitals," with Lisa Ikemoto

10/9/18 - A Discussion on Tribal Sovereignty and Federal Indian Law, with Jeff Keohane

10/16/18 - "Space, Race and Law in the City of Nairobi," with Bettina Ng'weno

10/23/18 - "Suicide? It Ain't Just a White Thing," with Nicki King

10/25/18 - "Lift Us Up, Don't Push Us Out!" with Mark Warren

10/30/18 - "The King of Adobe: Reies López Tijerina and the New Mexican Land-Grant Movement," with Lorena Oropeza

Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series, Spring 2018

1/23/18 - "The Other Slavery," with Andrés Reséndez

1/30/18 - "The Advocacy of the King Hall Immigration Law Clinic in the Age of Trump," with Holly Cooper

2/6/18 - "My President Was Black...So What!: Sociopolitical Realities of Black Male Youths," with Lawrence Winn

2/13/18 - "Ferguson, Gaza, Standing Rock: Histories of Settler Colonialism and Anti-Blackness," with Justin Leroy

2/20/18 - "Oyama v. California: A Play," with Rose Cuison-Villazor

2/27/18 - "An Immodest Proposal: Children, Citizenship, and Vicarious Voting as a Solution to California-Style Feudalism," with Christopher Elmendorf

3/6/18 - "Family Law and (In)Equity," with Courtney Joslin

3/13/18 - "One Misstep from Free Fall: Living the Black Middle Class in Harlem," with Bruce Haynes

4/10/18 - "California's Experiment with Prison Downsizing: Any Progress in Reversing Racial Disparities in Correctional Involvement?"

4/17/18 - "Transforming the Juvenile Justice System," with Mary Louise Frampton

Tribal Justice Project

9/17/18 - "Indian Civil Rights Act: Fifty Years Later," with Chief Justice Abby Abinanti, Chief Judge Claudette White, Tribal Advisor to the Governor Cynthia Gomez (retired), and Professor Joseph Myers, moderated by Chief Judge Christine Williams

Special Events

10/25/18 - "Lift Us Up, Don't Push Us Out!" Critical Dialogue on Education Justice