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Summer Fellowships

UC Davis Internship and Career Center (ICC) International Internship Travel Grant

The ICC offers the International Internship Travel Grant for graduate students pursuing summer work relating to their academic and career goals. Eligible applicants must remain registered UC Davis students during the duration of the fellowships. For more information, please visit the ICC website. Deadline for applications is early April.

UC Human Rights Fellowship

CILC is pleased to host the UC Human Rights Fellowship competition among UC Davis registered students. The fellowship enables each student recipient to carry out clearly defined fieldwork, domestically or internationally, with human rights organizations related to the student's area of study. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide students with an opportunity to contribute to the work of human rights organizations while also gaining practical experience that may influence the students' areas of research or academic focus. The fellowship program welcomes multi-disciplinary approaches to human rights fieldwork. Students are encouraged to publish the results of their fieldwork. Preference is given to graduate students and returning students. Deadline for applications for summer 2015 is March 1, 2015 at 4 PM.

2015 UC Human Rights Fellowship Application

John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellowship

The University of California, Davis, School of Law is pleased to announce the 2014 John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellowship! The awards will be made in partnership with the John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellowship Foundation, established by former law clerks of Justice Stevens. Two fellowships are available to support students' work in public interest law, either within the United States or abroad, during the summer of 2015. Each fellowship carries a stipend of $5,000. The Stevens Fellowships will recognize chosen students' commitment to public service and their potential for excellence throughout their legal careers. Deadline for applications for summer 2015 is March 1, 2015 at 4 PM.

2015 UC Human Rights Fellowship Application

Past Fellows

2014 UC Human Rights Fellows

roxanne strohmeier

Roxanne Strohmeier '16

American Civil Liberties Union: Reproductive Freedom Project, New York

Ms. Strohmeier will be working as a legal intern for the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) Reproductive Freedom Project. Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, the Reproductive Freedom Project strives to ensure access to abortion services, comprehensive sex education, affordable contraception, and to protect the rights of marginalized women to continue their pregnancies. The ACLU participates in significant cases in federal and state courts. Ms. Strohmeier will be assisting in all aspects of litigation, including: conducting legal and policy research; drafting memoranda, affidavits and briefs; researching prospects for new litigation; and supporting research and drafting of materials for public education.

Anita Barooni

Anita Barooni '16

Foundation Against the Violation of Law (FAVL), Armenia

Ms. Barooni will be working with the Foundation Against the Violation of Law (FAVL). FAVL is an Armenia based non-governmental organization working to promote and protect fundamental human rights and freedoms. She will be assisting with the preparation of FAVL’s 2014 Human Rights Status report. Ms. Barooni’s research will focus on access to justice in four key areas: labor rights, property rights, women’s rights, and prison torture. She will be examining the following questions: what statutes exist to define and protect these rights? What are the established procedures for enforcement? How many cases have been brought under these statues? And what were the outcomes of such litigation? This report will be used to inform FAVL’s future litigation, legislative advocacy, and community education.

2014 John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellows

Bianca Duenas

Bianca Duenas '16

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) Outreach Campaign, Davis

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) Outreach Campaign aims to educate rural communities of immigrants in Northern California on the recent DACA program. Deferred Action is a form of prosecutorial discretion that provides a work permit and relief from removal for two years to certain eligible undocumented individuals. Working closely with community workers, churches, and educational institutions, Ms. Duenas will be assisting the Campaign with its presentations, workshops, and consultations to inform immigrants of the benefits of DACA, eligibility requirements, and how to overcome potential bars to DACA. Initiated by Ms. Duenas, the DACA Outreach Campaign is a collaborative effort between the UC Davis Immigration Clinic and California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation (CRLA Foundation).

Hope Alley

Hope Alley '16

Office of the Federal Defender for the Eastern District of California, Sacramento

Ms. Alley will be spending the summer with the Office of the Federal Defender for the Eastern District of California. The Federal Defenders provide legal representation to indigent clients in federal, criminal, and related proceedings. Federal defenders handle a wide array of cases ranging from appeals to capital habeas claims. Many of the Federal Defenders’ clients are individuals who suffer from mental health, substance abuse, illiteracy, and past criminal histories. Ms. Alley will be working closely with attorneys of the Office of the Federal Defenders to advocate for and safeguard the rights of indigent individuals.

2013 UC Human Rights Fellows

Imron Bhatti

Imron Bhatti '14

Accountability Counsel in Delhi, India

Mr. Bhatti will be working with San Francisco-based non-profit Accountability Counsel, supporting their case work and policy advocacy in India. This project will focus on assisting Indian communities affected by human rights and environmental impacts of internationally financed agribusiness, infrastructure, and resource extraction projects. Mr. Bhatti will build community capacity to effectively access accountability mechanisms while supporting policy advocacy to ensure that these mechanisms are accessible, transparent, and fair tools for justice.

Anita Mukherji

Anita Mukherji '14

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, San Francisco

As an intern at the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant in Berkeley, Ms. Mukherji will participate in all stages of representation for affirmative asylum applicants, culminating in representing them at the San Francisco Asylum Office. Her caseload will include a diverse range of clients from around the world who are fleeing persecution on the basis of race, religion, nationality, gender, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. East Bay Sanctuary Covenant addresses urgent public interest and human rights issues by providing pro bono representation to low-income and indigent immigrants and refugees so that they are not placed in removal proceedings, and are given a pathway to citizenship.

2013 John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellows

Elizabeth Ballart

Elizabeth Ballart '14

Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center

In partnership with the Disability Rights Program of the Legal Aid Society–Employment Law Center (LAS-ELC), Ms. Ballart’s project will address the needs of low-income workers with hidden disabilities for reasonable accommodations. Despite federal and state anti-discrimination laws, people with disabilities represent the poorest minority in the nation and California, and they face persistent discrimination in the workplace. Workers with hidden disabilities like cancer, diabetes, and psychiatric disorders encounter particular challenges when they seek necessary and often modest reasonable accommodations at their jobs. To empower workers with hidden disabilities, Ms. Ballart will create and disseminate self-advocacy materials and provide direct legal services to workers with disabilities through LAS-ELC’s Workers’ Rights Clinic and represent workers at administrative hearings.

Anna von Herrmann

Anna von Herrmann '14

American Civil Liberties Union on the LGBT and AIDS Project, New York

Ms. von Herrmann will be working as a law clerk with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) LGBT and AIDS Project in their national office in New York, NY. She will contribute to the Project’s impact litigation work in a large variety of LGBT rights areas, from employment discrimination to marriage equality. She will be conducting civil rights legal research, draft briefs and pleadings, research prospects for new litigation, and contribute to LGBT and AIDS public education materials. Ms. von Herrmann’s work will directly impact the ACLU’s goal of increasing legal recognition of the constitutional rights of LGBT individuals.

2012 UC Human Rights Fellows

Monica Crooms

Monica Crooms '12

Legal Aid Foundation, Los Angeles, California

Ms. Crooms worked with the Battered Immigrant Women's Project and the Torture Survivors Project at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. Both projects offered the opportunity to provide direct assistance to Southern California's community of refugees, asylees, trafficking victims and victims of domestic abuse, through outreach, and applying for legal resettlement in the United States. IN addition to planning and coordinating targeted outreach events to identify victims, she worked to provide legal immigration benefits and deportation defense in federal immigration court.

Labaree Hannah

Hannah Labaree '12

Equal Justice Initiative, Montgomery, Alabama

In partnership with Equal Justice Initiative, this project will focus on providing post-conviction legal representation to people denied fair treatment under the law, in capital and non-capital cases. With no statewide public defender system, Alabama's indigent defendants experience a multiple of injustices, many centered around racial bias. Through the appeals process, the Equal Justice Initiative uses litigation as a means to restore a balance to the criminal justice system in Alabama and elsewhere in the Deep South, and community education to foster understanding and compassion about the nature of that system.

2012 John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellows

Nienke Schouten

Nienke Schouten '14

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

Nienke Schouten worked with the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant to provide legal support to asylum seekers.

Miles Prince

Miles Prince '14

ACLU Foundation of Southern California

Miles Prince spent his summer working on the Seth Walsh Student Rights Project with the ACLU Foundation of Southern California.

2011 UC Human Rights Fellows

Joanna Cuevas Ingram

Joanna Cuevas Ingram '12

The Center for Constitutional Rights, New York

Partnering with the Center for Constitutional Rights, this project analyzes how CCR’s litigation, education, and outreach strategies work together to enforce international and domestic rights protections—while maintaining accountability to diverse clients and community-based human rights movements. Legal work will be conducted in several of the following areas: international investigations into war crimes and acts of torture; global efforts to close the Guantánamo detention center; litigation in domestic courts to hold corporations accountable for international wrongs under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS); and investigations into racial profiling practices in immigration and national security policies and programs.

Jihan Kahssay

Jihan A. Kahssay '12

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

In partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees field office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this project will assist the Eritrean refugee community in Ethiopia by identifying and assisting qualifying Eritrean refugees to resettle in third countries.

2011 John Paul Stevens Public Interest Fellows

Miles Hogan

Miles Hogan '12

Sierra Club, San Francisco

For his fellowship, Miles worked with the environmental organization’s main litigation team on its Climate Recovery Agenda. Miles worked directly on critical issues affecting humanity and the natural environment, including climate change, air pollution, renewable energy, and threats to biodiversity. Climate change is a moral and human rights issue, and Miles was thrilled and honored to spend his 2L summer litigating to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

2010 UC Human Rights Fellows

Elica Vafaie

Elica Vafaie '11

Center for Constitutional Rights, New York

Elica Vafaie will be working on the International Human Rights & Guantánamo Project, partnering with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) to assist with their International Human Rights and Guantánamo docket. Legal work will be conducted in the following areas: litigation to hold corporations accountable for their international wrong-doing in domestic courts; utilization of the Alien Torts Statute to ban private military contractors; efforts to close the Guantánamo detention center. The project also entails the production of educational materials for use by CCR's Education and Outreach Department on their 'Ban the Use of Private Military Contractor' and 'Guantánamo Global Justice' campaigns.

Daniel Marsh

Daniel Marsh '12

Timap for Justice, Sierra Leone

Daniel will work in a rural paralegal office in Sierra Leone to promote access to justice services by serving individual clients and addressing community-level problems. The formal justice system in Sierra Leone is effectively inaccessible to large portions of the population, especially to those in the rural com munities. As a result, most individuals in rural areas rely on customary law, comprised of ethnic customary norms, for dispute resolution. Daniel will assist the development of rule of law, promoting internalization of legal concepts within customary law, through training paralegals in formal concepts of the law, and overseeing mediation between disputing parties.