The University of California Presidential Summer Public Service Law Fellowships

King Hall will award a limited number of fellowships to currently enrolled first and second year students to enable them to undertake legal work at non-profit organizations or government agencies during the summer. These UC Presidential Summer Fellowships are intended to support students who demonstrate commitment to pursuing public service legal careers.


To be eligible for a UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship, candidates must:

  • Secure an otherwise unpaid offer to work for a non-profit organization or government agency prior to the application deadline (usually in March). Judicial externships are not eligible.  Court-based legal assistance, such as Family Law Facilitators’ Offices and/or Self-Help Centers, do qualify.
  • Commit to providing at least 375 hours of work to a host organization or agency between commencement and the start of fall classes; and
  • Perform at least 10 hours of  public service/volunteer work during the preceding academic year; OR at least five hours of volunteer work on behalf of KHLF. (These five hours may also count toward your KHLF Fellowship eligibility requirements.)

Fellowship Award Amount

The award amount is $4,500 for second year students and $4,000 for first year students. This base amount will only be reduced if you receive other funding for the work (such as, for example, stipends, work study pay, and outside fellowships). The amount of other summer funding you receive for the fellowship work will be subtracted from your award at the rate of 50 cents on every dollar. Money earned through other summer work (such as being a Research Assistant, house-sitting, driving for a ride share, etc.) does not count against your fellowship award; just remember that you must work full time performing the work for which you are receiving the fellowship. Scholarships that cover tuition, books and fees, even if received during the summer, do not count against your fellowship award. If you are selected to receive a UC Presidential Public Service Fellowship, you will be asked to disclose all other sources of summer funding you have received or anticipate receiving. 

Example 1:

Max , a 1L, is selected for a UC Presidential Summer Public Service Award. Max's summer employer will pay $2,500 in work-study wages for the summer and Max receives a $500 grant from a local bar association to support Max's summer work. Max will also get paid $2,000 to work as a Research Assistant to a Professor on nights and on weekends. Max’s UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship Award will be:

$4,000 – ($2,500+$500)/2) = $2,500

Only half of the bar association grant and work study wages are deducted from the UCOP award. The RA salary is not deducted from the award. Max’s total summer earnings from all sources will be $7,500.

Example 2:

Arlene, a 2L, is selected for a UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship. Her host organization offers her a summer stipend of $6,000 for her work. Arlene’s UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship Award will be:

$4,500 – ($6,000/2) = $1,500

Arlene’s total summer earnings will be $7,500.

Example 3:

Maurice, a 1L, is selected for a UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship. They get an Equal Justice Works Segal Education award of $1,500 that goes directly towards tuition through their financial aid account. Though related to Maurice's summer work, because the Segal Award is designated for tuition or books (like a scholarship), it does not count against Maurice’s UCOP award. Maurice’s UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship Award will be:

$4,000 – (0/2) = $4,000

Maurice’s total summer earnings will be $5,500 (though note that Maurice will only have $4,000 to spend as they please; the $1,500 from the Segal Award will be credited directly to Maurice's financial aid account).

Example 4:

Jesse, a 1L, is selected for a UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship. Jesse receives $8,000 from another fellowship program for Jesse's work over the summer. Jesse’s UC Presidential Summer Public Service Fellowship Award will be:

$4,000 – ($8,000/2) = $0

Jesse’s total summer earnings will be $8,000.

Summer 2023 applications - open through April 5, 2023

To Apply:

1L and 2Ls can apply for all fellowship opportunities through a single application. Application materials will be submitted by uploading them using this link:  

Combine everything into one document. File names should start with applicants’ first and last name (ex. Joan Smith Application.pdf).

Your single pdf should contain the following items:

  1. Completed application cover sheet - available here in fillable pdf or here in word
  2. Resume
  3. Statement of Purpose & Financial Paragraph
    1. Statement of Purpose is 2 pages maximum, doubled-spaced, 12-point font. The statement should address the following questions (in any order):
      1. How have you demonstrated your commitment to pursuing a public service career?
      2. What work will you perform this summer?
      3. Why is this work important and who will it impact?
    2. A short paragraph (no more than 300 words) explaining your financial need and how you will use the funds to support your work this summer. Include this at the end of Statement of Purpose, it is separate and does not count against your page limit, but should be in same document.
  4. Employer Verification: Written documentation from the host organization or agency confirming that it will host your summer work (can be the email chain between you and host showing offer and acceptance).

If you would like your statement of purpose reviewed prior to submission, please send a draft in Word to Sofia Parino.  Those sent by March 27, 2023 will be guaranteed a review, those sent after may be reviewed depending on counselor's availability.