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Ventura County Community Foundation

Deadline: January 29, 2016 by 10pm Pacific Time


The Community Foundation has awarded more than $7 million in scholarships to deserving Ventura County students and is the local leader in granting financial aid to promising scholars. The Community Foundation’s Scholarship Program opens doors of educational opportunity for students of all ages. By educating individuals, the entire community is strengthened. The Community Foundation links donors with financial resources to students with potential for future achievement. A scholarship is more than a financial award- it is the key that unlocks the future for our youth by building their confidence. Many recipients write that they deeply appreciate the faith this shows in their abilities.

Applicants must have graduated from any public or private Ventura County high school, must have successfully completed their first year at an accredited law school in California, and be eligible to continue at that same California law school next year. Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  1. I demonstrate financial need
  2. I graduated from a public or private Ventura County high school
  3. I have successfully completed my first year at an accredited law school in the state of California and will be eligible to continue at that same law school next year
  4. I have two letters of recommendation associated with my application at this time, either through the letter of recommendation request tool, or by uploading hard copies.
  5. I have provided correct responses to the best of my ability

Award: $4,000