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Ventura County Community Foundation

Deadline: January 29, 2017 by 10pm Pacific Time


Scholarship funds are created by donors, including individuals, corporations, and organizations, to assist local students pursuing higher education and/or career training. The VCCF Scholarship Program opens doors of educational opportunity for students of all ages. We firmly believe that by affording access to higher education to individuals, our entire community is strengthened. A scholarship is more than a financial award- it is the key that unlocks the future for these deserving students by building their confidence and removing obstacles that stand in the way of success.

You will need the following in order to submit an application:

  1. Your (or your parent(s)/guardian(s)) most recent income tax return.
  2. The email addresses for the 2 people who will provide a recommendation letter on your behalf (no family members or neighbors are acceptable references).  Additionally, one of these recommendations must come from a current teacher. For advice on asking for a recommendation click here.
  3. Your most recent official academic transcript requested from your current school’s Registrar’s Office.  No student profile or class listings are permitted.   An applicant will immediately be disqualified if the transcript is not official and uploaded by the January 29, 2017 deadline.   
  4. A list of your current volunteer, school, work, and community activities.  
  5. A list (in order of preference) of your Top 3 school choices.  If your top choice is a community college, please do not apply for scholarships that can only be paid to a four-year institution.  
  6. Your basic information (name, address, contact information).  Please make sure to keep us posted if you move or change your address.  Otherwise, you risk not getting notified of your award. 

It takes about 2 – 5 hours to complete an online application.  Each student will create his or her own user account and the student’s personal email address will be the username for login purposes.  Please remember your password!

  1. AwardSpring help guide to download .
  2. Be Prepared to write!

Every applicant must write an essay of between 500 and 700 words, which must be submitted at the time of application.