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La Raza Lawyers of Santa Clara County Charitable Foundation-Supreme Court Summer Clerkship Program

Deadline: Friday, December 8, 2017 [2019 information not currently available]


The La Raza Lawyers of Santa Clara County Charitable Foundation’s Supreme Court Summer Clerkship program is for a 1st-year Latinx law student to experience working with the Supreme Court lawyers while earning a scholarship for the summer.  One student will be placed with Supreme Court Justice Tino Cuéllar for the summer.  That student will also receive a $7,500 scholarship from the Charitable Foundation to cover their expenses for the summer.  Candidates selected by the Charitable Foundation will be interviewed by Justice Cuéllar and/or his staff and be evaluated based on academic success, community activities, and writing ability.

Please see the application packet for complete details.

Award: $7,500 scholarship for the summer