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Justice Pauline Davis Hanson Scholarship

Deadline: May 31, 2019


As a tribute to the memory of the late Associate Justice Pauline Davis Hanson, Fresno County Women Lawyers has established a Scholarship to encourage and support outstanding academic achievement and commitment to service by women law students. Justice Hanson was the first woman appointee to the Fresno County Superior Court and the first woman appointed to the Fifth District Court of Appeal. Always deeply concerned about legal and human issues, she adhered to a high standard for intellectual rigor and integrity which remains a rich legacy to women who follow her in legal careers. During her career as lawyer, judge, wife, mother and community activist, Justice Hanson made many friends and became a role model for women of varied backgrounds and aspirations. Her kind, open, and unpretentious manner endeared her to all whose paths crossed her own. She died August 19, 1989. The Hanson Scholarship is an annual award to be presented to a current female law student for the following academic year.