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Goodwin 1L Diversity Fellowship

Deadline: February 25, 2019


It’s not enough to say we want a diverse legal community. As a leading global law firm, we have to invest meaningfully in diversifying. Years of practice have taught us that our investment is best placed in high-achieving law students from underrepresented backgrounds. Diversity and inclusion are core to our business and our values, and we know that recruiting, developing, retaining and promoting outstanding law students and lawyers from underrepresented backgrounds allows us to achieve unprecedented results.

The Goodwin 1L Diversity Fellowships provide first-year law students from underrepresented backgrounds with awards of $10,000 each, to help cover expenses while working in a public interest law position during the summer after their first year of law school.

Selected Fellows will also receive:

  • A guaranteed callback interview with a Goodwin office of their choice during the interview season after the student’s first year of law school, to allow the student to be considered for a position in our summer associate program during the summer after the student’s second year of law school;
  • As part of the callback interview process, fellows will also be considered for the Wayne A. Budd and Marian A. Tse Diversity Scholarships, providing selected recipients with a paid summer position is one of Goodwin’s U.S. domestic offices during the 2019 summer associate program and an additional $10,000 toward tuition for the third year of law school, paid out upon completion of the summer program. In addition to the selection criteria listed below, those who have overcome obstacles in pursuing a legal career and have demonstrated the tenacity and talent to excel in the legal profession will be considered. Named in honor of diversity trailblazers and champions Wayne A. Budd and Marian A. Tse, these scholarships are designed to help make our workplace and profession more diverse.
  • The opportunity to participate in select summer associate events for 2Ls while working in their public interest law position during their first year summer; and
  • Attorney advisors to help fellows succeed in their public interest law position, and to help introduce them to Goodwin

To become a 1L Goodwin Fellow, a candidate must be a full-time first-year law student enrolled in an ABA accredited law school, with an expected graduation date of spring 2021.

Successful applicants must demonstrate:

• Exceptional academic performance
• Outstanding leadership abilities and involvement in diversity organizations
• A commitment to community service
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Other special achievements and honors

The personal statement that is part of the online application should address the applicant’s qualifications and should potentially include a description of the applicant’s leadership qualities, exceptional contributions to diversity and community service, and commitment to the practice of law in a corporate law firm setting.

To remain eligible, a candidate may not be the recipient of a similar award from another law firm and must not be an immediate family member of a Goodwin lawyer or employee. A candidate may not be a Goodwin client or an employee of a Goodwin client.


Candidates interested in applying must complete the online application on our website and submit a resume, undergraduate transcript and copy of current law school transcript.

Our Fellowship Award Committee will select the 1L Diversity Fellows by April and the Wayne A. Budd and Marian A. Tse Diversity Scholarships by August. The Committee may select fellows on a rolling basis before those respective dates, as it deems appropriate.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Award: $10,000 to help cover expenses while working in a public interest law position during the summer after their first year of law school.