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Boston Lawyers Group 1L Diversity Clerkship

Deadline: March 3, 2017


1L Clerks participating in this unique 10-week program will split their 10 weeks between two Boston-area legal entities. The number of clerkships is determined by the number of placements made available at BLG member organizations.

The applicant must be a 1L student at a nationally accredited law school and must demonstrate a connection to Boston. Our members' criterion focuses on deserving diverse students and gives preference to students with racial and ethnic backgrounds that have been historically underserved and underrepresented in the legal profession. Competitive applicants have strong ties to Boston.

Compensation is not guaranteed at all placements. Selected 1L clerks usually spend five weeks at a corporate law office or law firm and five weeks at a government office. The government offices will not offer compensation for the five weeks worked there. Our hope is that each selected clerk will work in both the private and public sector and thereby receive at least five weeks' worth of compensation.

Participating member organizations will determine the start date of the program, which is typically late May or early June.

Award: Varies, depending on the terms provided by participating organizations.