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3L Career Planning Checklist


  • Network! Network! Network! Join a local bar association now. Add your membership to your resume under a section called "Professional Affiliations." See the state bar for links to all local bar associations.
  • Contact alumni for informational interviews. Access the alumni directory through the intranet .
  • Talk to your professors about your job status and area(s) of interest as they may have advice and/or contacts.
  • Talk to your references, and update them on your job status.
  • Check "Job Postings" in Symplicity for new listings posted daily.
  • Check employer specific sites (county sites for local government, public interest organization sites, and OSCAR for most judicial clerkships), for new job listings, two times per week. Apply as directed.
  • Research employers for direct applications and prepare direct applications (resume & tailored cover letter) in March. Mail completed direct applications in early April. Follow up 2-3 weeks later.
  • Complete online examinations for state government positions. Mail immediately upon graduation.
  • Come see us! We now have dedicated 3L only drop-in hours from 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (Tues. through Thurs.) with Lisa Carlock. No appointment necessary! Or, you can also schedule an appointment for a lengthier session.
  • Complete a Graduate Employment Survey when you pick up your cap & gown at graduation. We will use the survey to direct specific job listings to you following the bar.


  • Study for the Bar Exam. This is your greatest priority. A license to practice law opens up many more employment opportunities.
  • Follow up on solid leads/active job listings and submit application materials.
  • Forward your UCD email address to an outside e-mail account so that you continue to receive all e-mail correspondence from the CSO.
  • Questions? Career Services advisors are available over the summer, Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm. Call 530-752-6574 or e-mail careerservices@law.ucdavis.eduif you need assistance.


  • Attend networking events in the city you are in.
  • Update your resume (to include your graduate status) and cover letter (to reflect that you have graduated and taken the bar and are ready to hit the ground running).
  • Continue checking Symplicity regularly! New alumni level job postings are posted daily. You will have ongoing access to the alumni level job listings on Symplicity indefinitely.
  • Continue checking employer specific sites (including State of California site(s)now that you have completed online examinations and have scores).
  • Use the BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank to access the alumni job bulletins of law schools throughout the country. Contact Career Services for an updated password to access the site.
  • Conduct a new round of direct applications and follow up on direct applications sent in the Spring. Follow up 2-3 weeks after you send your materials.
  • Reciprocity is available at many law schools across the nation. Contact Career Services for more information.
  • Contact Career Services for assistance. Lisa Taylor Carlock '97 is the alumni career counselor (available September through May) and can be reached at 530-752-2821, or at for resume and cover letter review, individualized career counseling, additional resources.