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What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law: Professor Joh’s New Podcast

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jul 18, 2017

Professor Elizabeth Joh is co-hosting a new podcast, “What Trump Can Teach Us about Con Law,” and it’s a hit! Produced by Professor Joh with Roman Mars, host and creator of the independently produced podcast “99% Invisible,” the podcast debuted at #2 on the iTunes charts when it started in June and remains in the top 100. 

The project came about after Mars was inspired by one of Elizabeth’s tweets: “Teaching Constitutional Law in 2017 means glancing at twitter every five minutes before class.” He proposed doing a podcast based on Professor Joh’s observations regarding the ways in which the Trump administration has pushed constitutional limits, raising new and challenging issues. 

What are the limits of presidential immunity, and when can a president be sued in civil court?  Can the president withhold federal funding from cities that refuse to cooperate with his immigration policies? Are there limits to the president’s power to fire executive branch employees?  Professor Joh addresses these and other constitutional issues in a way that even non-lawyers will find fascinating and informative. Give it a listen!

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