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Weekend Sports, King Hall Style

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Oct 10, 2011

It was a weekend full of sports events -- King Hall style.

First up was the UC Davis/Humboldt State game on Saturday night. I attended the game with Dean Emeritus Rex Perschbacher, Bill Kopper '80 and his wife Carolyn, Virginia Cahill '81 and husband UC Davis physics professor Tom Cahill, and Law Students Association President Rabia Paracha.  We tailgated pre-game with Aggie boosters and then watched the game.  Scott Judson '12 gave me a tour of the television, radio, and television boxes at Aggie Stadium.  He does commercials/announcements over the stadium PA system during the  game and we heard him  throughout the game.  It was a perfect evening.

On Sunday, I - loosely speaking - "played" in the Steve Boutin Invitational Golf Tournament, which raises money for summer public interest fellowships funded by the King Hall Legal Foundation (KHLF).  It was sold out -- the biggest Boutin golf tourney ever!  My team included Rex Perschbacher (who, it turns out, has been taking golf lessons), Dave Rieger, and Steve Rieger.  I can't say that I played well, but our scramble team did make par, making the entire team par golfers for the day.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)  After early morning fog, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.  Clay Tanaka's team, with Professor Dennis Ventry anchoring it, won the tourney.  Steve Boutin's team did very well.  Actually, he had two teams.  Many alums were there, including Kathryn Doi, John Schick, Kim Lucia, and others.  Legal Writing instructor Larry Green fielded a team as well.  Friends of King Hall in attendance included Sacramento Superior Court Judge Troy Nunley (a friend of Professor Tanaka's) and Peter Boutin, Steve's brother.  After the golf tournament, there was a wonderful lunch and awards ceremony.  I made remarks about the importance of supporting KHLF. Congrats to the students of KHLF for a very successful event!