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UC Davis Law Review Symposium 2016: “Disjointed Regulation”

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Feb 1, 2016

On Friday, the UC Davis Law Review held its annual symposium. This year’s event was titled “Disjointed Regulation: State Efforts to Legalize Marijuana.”  The Law Review is one of the bedrocks of our law school community, and its annual symposium is one of the highlights of the academic year.  This year’s symposium explored the legal issues surrounding the legalization of marijuana.  It is a cutting-edge area of law.         

More than twenty states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana for medicinal uses.  Voters in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska have passed initiatives that legalize the recreational use of marijuana.  At least ten other states may soon see similar initiatives.  Legalization by the states raises challenging federalism issues and deeply impacts the criminal justice systems.  Like everything, it seems, legalization has tax consequences. The Law Review brought together some of the nation’s leading scholars to analyze these issues, including keynote speaker Professor Richard J. Bonnie of the University of Virginia School of Law.  Many people made the event a success, including the amazing editorial coordinator of the Law Review, Sue Jones; the faculty advisor, Professor Brian Soucek; and the panel moderators, our own Professors Carlton Larson, Elizabeth Joh, and Dennis Ventry.  Senior Symposium Editor Kate Wittlake ’16 worked tirelessly to organize this symposium. 

We also were able to bring some alums back to King Hall.  Allen Hopper ’92, who offered the first address of the day, is the Director of Criminal Justice and Drug Policy with the ACLU of Northern California.  He also is a proud alum of UC Davis School of Law.  I remember Allen well as an energetic law student with a deep devotion to justice. 

Congratulations to the Law Review on its successful 2016 symposium!