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Summer Salon on Immigration in the Sacramento Region

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jun 8, 2017

I was invited by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to take part in a “Summer Salon” on immigration on Thursday, June 8.

Here is the event description:

With national attention on all aspects of the immigration issue, what is the real story of how our region is being affected? 

Join us to learn how national and local policies on immigration differ, and better understand the human impact of those policies. Hear from immigration thought-leaders and those who provide support services to immigrants across the gamut -- from documented and undocumented immigrants to refugees -- including:

  • Kevin R. Johnson, Dean, UC Davis Law School, on the historical and legal contexts of immigration reform efforts, and their potential impact on our region and its immigrants;
  • Belinda Kirk, Vice Principal, Luther Burbank High School, on helping immigrant students and their families as they face uncertain futures;
  • Deborah Ortiz,  CEO, Opening Doors, Inc., on the vital assistance the nonprofit sector is providing to refugees; and
  • Gabby Trejo,  Organizer, Sacramento ACT, on her faith-based organization's work offering sanctuary and legal defense for immigrants.

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