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Speaking at the Yolo County Bar Association on "Immigration Law and Policy in the Trump Years"

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jun 21, 2017

I was the luncheon speaker at a meeting of the Yolo County Bar Association last week.  I discussed “Immigration Law and Policy in the Trump Years.” 

The luncheon was nicely attended, with two King Hall alums and former mayors in attendance, Bill Kopper ’80 (Davis) and Tom Stallard ’75 (Woodland), as well as Eric May ‘06, who is now in the Yolo County Counsel’s office.  I had a nice time sharing some thoughts about the Obama administration’s enforcement record, the immigration enforcement priorities of the Trump administration, the court decisions striking down the travel bans, and the fears generated in the immigrant community by President Trump’s immigration policies.  We had an engaged group, with many questions and comments. Recent developments in Yolo County, an incredibly diverse community, were topics of discussion, with the U.S. government’s use of Yolo’s juvenile detention facility for detaining juvenile immigrants, as well as the use of Immigration and Customs Enforcement issuance of “detainers” to local law enforcement to turn over immigrants with criminal problems.  Judge David Reed of the Yolo County Superior Court asked a perceptive question about the decrease in detainers near the end of the Obama administration, which was an effort by the administration to narrow its immigration enforcement efforts after considerable criticism.

I enjoyed talking about the issues and the great work being done by our immigration faculty, Immigration Law Clinic, and UC immigrant Legal Services Center.