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Social Psychology and Law Preconference

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Mar 2, 2015

I spoke at the Social Psychology and Law Preconference in Long Beach on Thursday.  This preconference featured presentations in the areas of discrimination, procedural justice/social justice, and immigration. Specifically, the discrimination symposium examined explicit and implicit biases in the law. The procedural/social justice symposium looked at legitimacy and perceptions of justice in the legal system.  Finally, the immigration symposium examined the role of social psychology in legislation and policy. The preconference included 10-minute data blitz presentations as well as poster presentations from graduate students and new researchers.     

I offered a talk about the role of race in U.S. immigration law and enforcement, both with respect to the law and its enforcement and the public debate over immigration and immigration reform.

You can learn more about the Social Psychology and Law Preconference at its website: