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Research Funding Awarded to Interdisciplinary Teams Featuring King Hall Faculty

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jun 20, 2013

I am excited to announce that some members of the King Hall faculty are among the recipients of the inaugural Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and Arts (IFHA) awards. According to the online announcement, “IFHA is the second UC Davis competitive grant program designed to establish new, globally competitive large-scale interdisciplinary research activity at UC Davis.”

In total, $3.6 million is being awarded to seven highly innovative interdisciplinary “clusters” over a three year period.

One of the clusters is led by our own Mario Biagioli, Distinguished Professor of Law and founding director of the Center for Science and Innovation Studies (CSIS). His cluster’s proposal is titled, “Innovating the Communication of Scholarship.” His research team includes law professors Madhavi Sunder and Anupam Chander.

Professor Leticia Saucedo and I are members of the research team led by Giovanni Peri, Professor of Economics. Our cluster’s proposal is titled, “Managing Temporary Migrations: California, U.S. and the World.”

The research projects funded by IFHA are wide-ranging and truly fascinating. For the full list, visit