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Professor Sunder on Cultural Sharing Amidst Global Inequalities

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jan 26, 2012

Professor Madhavi Sunder, a leading scholar of law and culture, will make a presentation on a fascinating topic today as part of the Cultural Studies Graduate Group's Winter 2012 Colloquium Series.

The title of her talk, scheduled for 4 P.M. in Room 1008, is "From Free Culture to Fair Culture: Cultural Sharing Amidst Global Inequalities." 

Description: At the turn of the millennium, the Participation Age and the goal of poverty eradication have dovetailed. As a recent U.N. Human Development Report has noted, in a Knowledge Age in which wealth derives from cultural production and exchange in global markets, “cultural freedom is not just a human right, but also a key to development.” The concept of fair culture yokes together meaning and livelihood. Increasingly, the poor seek to participate in the development and sharing of cultural products, from coffee to music to film. But free culture  - in which cultural goods are freely shared across borders - is not always a fair culture. In this talk, Professor Sunder considers impediments to cultural participation on fair terms by the poor. In so doing, she exposes blind spots in recent scholarship that celebrates the "public domain" and "free culture"--what she calls "the romance of the public domain."

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