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UC Davis Town Hall Examines Policing Practices

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Oct 22, 2018

Communities across the nation, including the UC Davis community, are having important conversations about policing. And we have had our controversies about policing. We as a community are asking questions like how can law enforcement earn better trust with the people they serve? What should a modern campus police force look like?

UC Davis’ own police force is working to transform its organization through programs in de-escalation tactics, mental illness response, procedural justice and implicit bias training. But, we are always open to considering best policing practices that UC Davis should follow.

To help sort through these issues I moderated a campus discussion on Monday, Oct. 15 with an esteemed panel including:

  • Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr., California State Assemblymember District 59
  • Enrique Fernandez ’16, Mayor, City of Woodland
  • Alice A. Huffman, President, California Hawaii NAACP
  • Alex Bustamante, Chief Compliance and Audit Officer, University of California
  • B. Buchanan, graduate student, UC Davis (sociology)
  • Davares Robinson, undergraduate student, UC Davis (political science public service)