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Message from Trial Practice Honors Board

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Feb 14, 2012

Here is a message from Professor Ed Imwinkelried and the Trial Practice Honors Board.

Last weekend two UC Davis teams participated in the regional tournament of the National Mock Trial Competition.  The tournament was held in San Francisco.  One team consisted of Atzimba Reyes, Eric Lofgren, and Matthew Pearson.  Christian Acevedo, Zachary Schultz, and John Stoller comprised the second team.   The teams tried cases against Stanford, Boalt Hall, McGeorge, and Golden State.    The teams did not advance to the national championship tournament in Texas; but according to coach, Mr. Daniel Boone, the teams had four excellent, close trials.   We therefore want to congratulate all four team members. 

The Honors Board would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the King Hall community who helped prepare the teams for the regional tournament.  The following students generously donated their time as witnesses in practice rounds:  Alexander Alpert,  Michael Butera, Miranda Dugan, Claire Jacobson, Yosenia Melgar, Matthew Struhar, and Elise Weinberg.   Two King Hall graduates and former team members, Mr. Joseph Alexander and Ms. Michelle Prince, helped select the team members and presided at practice rounds.    Most importantly, we want to thank our longtime coach, Mr. Daniel Boone.   For years Mr. Boone has volunteered to coach our interschool teams.  Mr. Boone has made membership on the team one of the most intense and valuable educational experiences at King Hall. 

Congratulations to the King Hall teams!  And many thanks to everyone who supported them!