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Message about Regional Trial Tournament

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Mar 11, 2013

Today this message was sent to the King Hall community on behalf of Professor Ed Imwinkelried. Congratulations to all the students participants who competed in the Student Trial Advocacy Competition in Seattle, and thanks to all the faculty and coaches who had a hand in their success!


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Over the past weekend two U.C.D. teams participated in the regional tournament of the Student Trial Advocacy Competition, conducted by the American Association for Justice, formerly the American Association of Trial Lawyers.  The tournament was held in Seattle, Washington.  Eighteen teams participated in the regional tournament.

One U.C.D. team consisted of Abenicio Cisneros (2L), Andrew Collins (1L), Mitchell Suliman (2L), and Irene Williams (2L).  In the preliminary rounds, this team tried cases against Lewis and Clark, Oklahoma, and Golden Gate.  The team won all three rounds.  In each round, the team won all three ballots from the judge and attorney evaluators.

The second U.C.D. team included Christian Acevedo (3L), Zachary Schultz (3L), Karen Soell (3L), and Michael Yun (3L).  In the preliminary rounds, the team competed against B.Y.U., Lewis and Clark, and Oklahoma.  Like the first U.C.D. team, this team won all three rounds and won all three ballots from the attorney and judge evaluators in each round.

At the end of the preliminary rounds, four teams advanced to the semi-finals.  Both U.C.D. team advanced.

In its semi-final round, the first team competed against a team from the University of Denver.  The U.C.D. team lost a split decisions--by a single point.

In its semi-final round, the second U.C.D. team defeated another team from the University of Denver and advanced to the championship round.  In that round, the U.C.D. won a split decision and earned the right to compete in the national championship tournament in New Orleans in April.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate all eight team members for representing U.C.D. so well at the tournament.  This is the first time U.C.D. has entered this competition.     We  wish Mr. Acevedo, Mr. Schultz, Ms. Soell, and Mr. Yun the best of luck in New Orleans.

We also want to thank everyone who helped prepare the team for the tournament.  Last semester Mr. Joseph Alexander, an alumnus, and Ms. Kira King Wattenburg, an alumna, helped select the team.  Professor Miguel Mendez donated his time to consult with the team members on evidentiary issues.

We especially want to thank our longtime coach, Mr. Daniel Boone.  Mr. Boone, an alumnus and former team member, has donated his time to coach the team for two decades.  The impressive results at the tournament are a testament to both the efforts of the team members and the quality of the educational experience Mr. Boone affords the team members every year.  We owe a huge debt to Mr. Boone.