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LLM Student Xinyi “Cindy” Gao Shows True King Hall Spirit

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Jul 9, 2013

Senior Assistant Dean Hollis Kulwin shared this e-mail with me after receiving it from student Chris Ronne ‘15. Chris is a member of the King Hall Health Law Association Board and is involved in the UC Davis Willow Clinic, a student-run medical clinic that also offers legal services, based at the Salvation Army Del Oro Division Shelter in Sacramento.

Rising 2L John Schwab and I were outside the Salvation Army letting people know about the services we were offering inside. I approached a man sitting alone. All he could tell me was, "No English. Chinese." Fortunately, Xinyi 'Cindy' Gao, an LLM student from [China’s] Hunan Province, volunteered today. I went inside to get Cindy.

Cindy was able to talk with the man for a good while to figure out his situation. He has been unemployed and homeless for some time and needs medical treatment. He has not been able to get a bed at a shelter because he did not know the process and requirements, could not read the literature in English, and could not communicate. The medical staff could not see him because they did not have a translator.

We were able to get information on securing a bed at the Salvation Army and Cindy was able to translate the information for him. He needs to obtain a County Tuberculosis Clearance Card from a local free clinic that is open on Monday. Cindy gave him directions to the clinic and I wrote a note to the clinic explaining his situation and need. I will call them first thing Monday morning to let them know to expect him. The Salvation Army staff is going to work with me to get him on the list after he obtains the clearance.

The medical staff at Willows was unable to see him today because his symptoms are not an emergency and they do not have a translator for Mandarin. But they have agreed to see him first thing next Saturday. Though we don't have a clinic next Saturday, Cindy and I will go to the clinic so that she can translate in order for him to get seen by the medical staff after Cindy signs HIPAA agreements.

The man has a cell phone and Cindy will communicate with him on progressing through the requirements to get a bed at the shelter. I am going to contact the Asian Community Center of Sacramento Valley this week for assistance.

Cindy has dedicated several Saturday mornings to volunteer at the Willow Clinic and has assisted many others. But, I want to let you know that Cindy did an amazing job today and had a real impact on this man's life - even giving him someone with whom to talk. Cindy is an excellent example of the King Hall spirit.

This is truly a wonderful story about our students making a real difference for someone who needs help. Thanks to Chris and Cindy for their great work. And thanks to Chris and Dean Kulwin for sharing this inspiring story!