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Law Students Present to Chicano Studies Class

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Nov 9, 2010

I just received this great e-mail from Professor Amagda Pérez.

"This morning, students Aidin Castillo, Tiffany Bui, Kyle Morishita, Quin Hodges and Arnulfo Medina gave a beautiful presentation to the Chicano Studies 130 (U.S. Mexico Border Relations) class of 103 students.  They spoke very eloquently about the work of the clinic, the importance of providing representation to low income immigrants, the differences in immigration and criminal defense proceedings, the need for public policy advocacy that will increase access to legal representation and mental health services for immigrants, and the impact that their participation in the clinic has had on their law school experience and their career.  I was very impressed with the presentation and the way Aidin, Tiffany, Kyle, Quin and Arnulfo complemented each other's talks.  It was a great lecture and they were wonderful ambassadors for the law school!"

Thanks to the students for doing such a great job representing King Hall!