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"Law and Race" Workshop at Stanford Law School

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Apr 29, 2013

Three King Hall faculty participated in a "casebook roundtable workshop" at Stanford Law School this weekend.

Professors Jack Chin, Rose Cuison-Villazor, and were among a number of civil rights professors from leading law schools who discussed the draft of a new casebook "Law and Race: Consensus and Controversy in Twenty-First Century America" by Richard Banks (Stanford), Kim Forde-Mazrui (Virginia), and Guy Uriel-Charles (Duke). Here's a look at the event description and details. 

It was a robust -- sometimes rambunctious -- discussion of many of the most pressingcivil rights issues of our times. Jack commentedon a chapter on politics. Rose commented on a chapter on intimacy and family. I commented on a chapter on policing. It was a great, thought-provoking conference on a beautiful day at The Farm.