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Law, Public Health, and Hippocrates' Myth

Posted By Kevin R. Johnson, Oct 6, 2009

This Thursday, our faculty will host a guest speaker at lunchtime: Maxwell "Gregg" Bloche, J.D., M.D.  Professor Bloche wears a lot of hats - professor of law at Georgetown University, Co-Director of the Georgetown-Johns Hopkins Joint Program in Law and Public Health, and visiting fellow at The Brookings Institution and the Harvard Program on Ethics and Health.  On Thursday evening, he'll also present a public lecture as part of the Bioethics Distinguished Lecture Series, a series that Professor Lisa Ikemoto describes as "uniformly excellent."

Bloche's research focuses on the interplay between medicine's caring and therapeutic role and its public functions (such as health care resource allocation and protection of public health and national security).  The title of his lecture is "Hippocrates' Myth: Medicine as an Agent of the State."

If you're interested in checking it out, the lecture begins at 6:30 P.M. at the UC Davis Cancer Center Auditorium in Sacramento at 45th and X streets in the heart of the UCD medical campus.

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